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At the camp site, your tarp serves as a rain shelter, wind blocker and tent protector. At home, this simple product becomes a slip ‘n slide, a pool cover or a shield for your wood pile. Whether you are experiencing the great outdoors or living comfortably at home, you will never run out of ways to use your tarp.

Nans Tarps is here to help you find tarps in the size, colour and material you want. Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality product, one that is better than any tarp you find at a chain store. We have been in business for more than 40 years and have accumulated thousands of happy customers in that time.

Select an Affordable, Durable Tarp

Our poly tarps are made from laminated, woven polyethylene. They are completely waterproof, shrink-proof and mildew-proof. Each tarp comes with a rope that allows you to tie it down. Our tarps also contain these features:

Reinforced edges

100% pure brass eyelets Welded seams

Since our tarps are created from woven plastic, they are resistant to stretching, cracking and other damages. By treating your tarp, you can also protect it from sun or water damage, ensuring the material lasts for years.

Ideal For:

Covers – To protect boats, Swimming Pools, Machinery, Construction Sites Lumber, Grain

Camping – Tents, Ground Sheets

Recreation – Picnic Mats, Beach Mats, Privacy Walls, Wind Protection

Laminated Woven Polythylene Completely Waterproof Easy To Use Rope

Reinforced Edges 100% Pure Brass Eyelets Welded Seem

Will Not Crack in Cold Weather Washable – Shrinkproof – Mildewproof

If you leave your boat out in the rain, it becomes susceptible to rust and damage. The same goes for your truck, lumber or your equipment.

No matter what you need to protect, choose a poly tarp from Nans Tarps. We provide the highest-quality tarps to protect your belongings for years. Through our dedication to honest, quality, and reliable service, our business has thrived for over 40 years.

Nans Tarps

Barry and Nancy Barlow started Nans Tarps in 1978 on qualities such as honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness. They started the business in their Yagoona garage and then moved their business to a Lidcombe factory. Their goal is to offer the highest quality tarps, much higher quality than imported chain store products.

Poly Tarps

Poly tarps are woven from strips of polyethylene plastic. This type of tarp resists stretching and damage. It is resistant to water damage and when treated can last for years-even through regular sunlight exposure.

Our tarps come with reinforced edges and an easy-to-use rope. They won’t crack in cold weather and are washable, shrink-proof and mildew-proof.

Uses for Poly Tarps

Our tarps are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. Many homeowners use them to protect their boats, machinery, and swimming pools. Construction workers use them to protect their lumber and farmers use them to protect their grain.  Poly tarps are also perfect as tents and ground sheets for campers. They can also be used as picnic mats, beach mats or to protect you from the wind.

Purchase Poly Tarps Today

Our satisfied customers have used our tarps as beach and picnic mats, privacy walls and boat covers, as well as for other helpful purposes. You can purchase the product in either green or silver, and all our tarps are Australian-made.

You are looking for a strong, versatile tarp, but you still deserve to pay a reasonable price. Nans Tarps offers fair pricing on every tarp we sell. Consult our pricing chart for more information. Or, call our headquarters on (02) 9649 2334. We can answer your questions and help you place an order.

 Pricing for Silver or Green Tarps

 Cut Size (feet)
 Cut Size (metres)

   5 x 7
  1.52 x 2.13
   6 x 8
  1.83 x 2.45
   8 x 10
  2.45 x 3.04
   8 x 12
  2.45 x 3.66
   8 x 16
  2.45 x 4.88
   9 x 14
  2.75 x 4.27
   9 x 18
  2.75 x 5.49
   10 x 12
  3.04 x 3.65
   12 x 12
  3.65 x 3.65
   12 x 14
  3.65 x 4.00
   12 x 16
  3.65 x 4.88
   12 x 18
  3.65 x 5.48
   12 x 20
  3.65 x 6.10
   12 x 24
  3.65 x 7.32
   15 x 20
  4.50 x 6.10
   15 x 24
  4.57 x 7.30
   15 x 30
  4.50 x 9.14
   16 x 16
  4.88 x 4.88
   16 x 18
  4.88 x 5.49
   18 x 20
  5.40 x 6.00
   18 x 24
  5.40 x 7.32
   18 x 30
  5.40 x 9.14
   20 x 20
  6.10 x 6.10
   20 x 24
  6.10 x 7.32
   20 x 30
  6.10 x 9.14
   24 x 24
  7.30 x 7.30
   24 x 30
  7.30 x 9.14
   24 x 40
  7.30 x 11.73
   30 x 30
  9.14 x 9.14
   30 x 36
  9.14 x 11.00
   36 x 36
  11.00 x 11.00
   40 x 46
  12.00 x 14.00
   40 x 60
  12.00 x 18.00